Thursday, 17 March 2011


Hey all,
          i am soooooo bad at keeping things updated. Anywho things have been going great as always. She is on a more mixed meal plan now. Not just boring chicken all the time. We have a mix of chicken, lamb, and Ox tail RMB's throughout the week. Muscle meat wise we have a selection of chicken, beef mince, rabbit, tripe and heart. Although i have recently found out tongue can be classed as a muscle meat too, so i shall bear that in mind if i ever come across any.

         She is enjoying everything else much more now too, it almost like her taste buds are developing too :P she bounces around when i am preparing her meals now too. Only thing she is crafty with is her primrose oil tablets, she licks the damn things clean but wont eat them, so i have to force feed her them atm :(

        I think i might invest in a general supplement too, just to be safe in the knowing she is not missing any essential vitamins and minerals. I am also going to get hold of some garlic tablets, which will hopefully be a more natural way to repel fleas. I mean there is no point in giving her a more natural diet if i am going to pump her full of chemicals now is there?

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Nothing new to tell guys, oh i did manage to get her to eat her liver though. I smushed it all up in the chicken :P

I'm might give her some rabbit or tripe next week see how she goes with that

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Introducing Lamb

Well she tried out lamb neck today. I'm a bit unsure as it took her an incredibly long time to eat it :s it seemed quite tough too, which it shouldn't be as its not classed as a load bearing bone! I may look on you tube and see if i can find any other dogs eating it to compare too. It may be that its just chicken is incredibly soft and so easy to eat that this seems the other extreme???

She'll be back on chicken tomorrow. so I shall see what it's like next time, I may have to smash the lamb with a hammer a few times until she develops the strength in her jaw a bit more, or it could be the actual bones that she had, as the last vertebrae is shaped slightly different as that is where it joins to the spine :s I'll have to be a bit more select when I pick them up from the butchers I think.

Hmm apart form that all is good, oh i invested in some evening  primrose tablets too for her. they have extra Vitamin E, which is apparently hard to get in the diet :s anyway it says give 1 tablet per 10kg of bodyweight, she weighs 15kg so I'm only giving her 1 tablet, I cant see there being any issues with that. I need to invest in some garlic tablets too at some point, but Dorwest have got a HUGE saving on these until Oct this year so I may stock up when i get the chance :)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Yummy scrummy mince

Het guys not much new to update on, still keeping it all simple.

Definitely solved the issue of the yoghurt,  iv given a small amount to her for a few meals now, and it was gobbled up, so thats all good, same with the gloop, she seems to be enjoying it more too :)

She has had mince twice this week now, first time was tues, and then she had some more last night. I dont think iv seen her clear a bowl so fast lol Oh im turning into a right bargain hunter now, i got 2kg of chicken necks for £3. It is strange though as they look more like a red meat, than other chicken pieces :s oh well i'm sure she will like them.

Finally got hold of some recreational bones. The butcher gave me 3 HUGE knuckle bones, and when i say huge i mean it. Even Millie struggled to carry hers, she had to drag it :P Anyway they loved them, i only gave it to them for half an hour, but hopefully i'll be able to build that time up slowly. I was dead pleased as Miliie really attacked hers, which is going to do her teeth so much good, Summby did have a bit of a munch but she was not as enthusiastic as the other two, bear in mind though she is 13 and her teeth are a lil worn down, so i might give her a meatier one next time, just to see if it encourages her a bit more.

So all is good in the land of raw feeding :) i am sure im introducing a few more RMB's to the diet next week, i think it;s going to be lambs neck. Its all on my chart anyway. But things should get exciting soon as i will really be able to give her variety as she will have been on it a month, and i think iv only spent roughly £20 which is dead good, considering i had to get everything in to get me started. Hopefully that figure will go down. That might be next months challenge, to see how much i spend.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Ok so we definitely have approval of the yoghurt now, i gave her another tiny bit in tonight's meal too. I must say it actually looked quite yummy hehe. I just need to remember to freeze it soon, so it doesn't go off :s

I'm introducing minced beef for the first time tomorrow so yay something new and exiting to the menu :)

Oh i got a right good deal at the butchers today, 12 chicken wings for a whole £1!!! Bargain. I also picked up three knuckle bones and they are huge, the smallest one is the size of Dottie's head, so they will have loads of fun with them, im thinking i'll give them to them Friday afternoon as im free so i can watch them to make sure nothing gets swallowed but seeing the size of these bones i dont think that will be an issue.

Oh i finally took some photos of making the veggie gloop, i only got two as i got a bit carried away with it all :P

So ingredients before the got pulverised, all simple stuff as you can see

Random shot of spinach in the blender :s

Finished product, just a wee bit the first time to see if she liked it :D

Monday, 21 February 2011


God i am so awful for sticking to things lol

So a quick update on what new and exciting things have been introduced to said Raw diet. Lets see we had the liver, which didnt go down too well, as in she refused to eat it! Fussy mare lol. We have also had kidney for the first time this morning, that it seems it a bit more enjoyable as it was consumed in a few seconds. Umm i think thats it for new stuff really :s Oh i figured out a way around the yoghurt issue, i bought a raspberry flavoured natural pro-biotic one. Seems she enjoys that, of course she would though its £1 more than a natural flavoured one. She's not stupid is she :P

The scrummy veggie gloop is being eaten faster too, its almost like her tastebuds are developing as we progress. Of course thats not the case, her taste buds work fine, she knows when human food is around to be eaten, and that is gone in the blink of an eye ;)

Her coat is continuing to improve, and has got a lovely shine to it, it feels soooo much nicer to the touch too. So overall so far we are both pleased with how its going. Im going to be introducing a few more different kinds of meat soon too, which should be interesting :)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bit of a catch up

Sorry its been a while since an update, iv just been so busy :(

So iv introduced 2 new things to the plan since the last post. The first would be the introduction of veggie gloop :D i made two huge batches which should last me a fairly long time, as she is only having a tablespoon at a time. Iv kept the ingredients simple just keeping with apples, pears, bananas, spinach, 1 clove of garlic, and carrot. She was a bit tentative to start but she soon got the taste of it :D I have got pictures so i will post them up soon!

The other new ingredient into the mix was hearts, just chicken ones at the minute. They are so tiny, no bigger than my thumbnail, so she had two thrown in with her chicken wings tonight, and again they were munched down very quickly.

As for any changes, her coat is definitely softer and she is much more content in herself since iv changed her over. We are back at agility next week so that will be interesting to see how her energy levels are for that and if i need to increase anything. Its all exciting, well for me it is anyway, but im sad about little things like that hehe