Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Ok so we definitely have approval of the yoghurt now, i gave her another tiny bit in tonight's meal too. I must say it actually looked quite yummy hehe. I just need to remember to freeze it soon, so it doesn't go off :s

I'm introducing minced beef for the first time tomorrow so yay something new and exiting to the menu :)

Oh i got a right good deal at the butchers today, 12 chicken wings for a whole £1!!! Bargain. I also picked up three knuckle bones and they are huge, the smallest one is the size of Dottie's head, so they will have loads of fun with them, im thinking i'll give them to them Friday afternoon as im free so i can watch them to make sure nothing gets swallowed but seeing the size of these bones i dont think that will be an issue.

Oh i finally took some photos of making the veggie gloop, i only got two as i got a bit carried away with it all :P

So ingredients before the got pulverised, all simple stuff as you can see

Random shot of spinach in the blender :s

Finished product, just a wee bit the first time to see if she liked it :D

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  1. Woow.. that looks.. Yum? XD

    Haha, sounds like shes getting on with it really well. (: