Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Introducing Lamb

Well she tried out lamb neck today. I'm a bit unsure as it took her an incredibly long time to eat it :s it seemed quite tough too, which it shouldn't be as its not classed as a load bearing bone! I may look on you tube and see if i can find any other dogs eating it to compare too. It may be that its just chicken is incredibly soft and so easy to eat that this seems the other extreme???

She'll be back on chicken tomorrow. so I shall see what it's like next time, I may have to smash the lamb with a hammer a few times until she develops the strength in her jaw a bit more, or it could be the actual bones that she had, as the last vertebrae is shaped slightly different as that is where it joins to the spine :s I'll have to be a bit more select when I pick them up from the butchers I think.

Hmm apart form that all is good, oh i invested in some evening  primrose tablets too for her. they have extra Vitamin E, which is apparently hard to get in the diet :s anyway it says give 1 tablet per 10kg of bodyweight, she weighs 15kg so I'm only giving her 1 tablet, I cant see there being any issues with that. I need to invest in some garlic tablets too at some point, but Dorwest have got a HUGE saving on these until Oct this year so I may stock up when i get the chance :)

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