Saturday, 26 February 2011

Yummy scrummy mince

Het guys not much new to update on, still keeping it all simple.

Definitely solved the issue of the yoghurt,  iv given a small amount to her for a few meals now, and it was gobbled up, so thats all good, same with the gloop, she seems to be enjoying it more too :)

She has had mince twice this week now, first time was tues, and then she had some more last night. I dont think iv seen her clear a bowl so fast lol Oh im turning into a right bargain hunter now, i got 2kg of chicken necks for £3. It is strange though as they look more like a red meat, than other chicken pieces :s oh well i'm sure she will like them.

Finally got hold of some recreational bones. The butcher gave me 3 HUGE knuckle bones, and when i say huge i mean it. Even Millie struggled to carry hers, she had to drag it :P Anyway they loved them, i only gave it to them for half an hour, but hopefully i'll be able to build that time up slowly. I was dead pleased as Miliie really attacked hers, which is going to do her teeth so much good, Summby did have a bit of a munch but she was not as enthusiastic as the other two, bear in mind though she is 13 and her teeth are a lil worn down, so i might give her a meatier one next time, just to see if it encourages her a bit more.

So all is good in the land of raw feeding :) i am sure im introducing a few more RMB's to the diet next week, i think it;s going to be lambs neck. Its all on my chart anyway. But things should get exciting soon as i will really be able to give her variety as she will have been on it a month, and i think iv only spent roughly £20 which is dead good, considering i had to get everything in to get me started. Hopefully that figure will go down. That might be next months challenge, to see how much i spend.

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  1. Oooh, glad its all getting better!

    Bet they did absolutely love the bones! Haha. Bless them.

    I think what your doing with the time is good. (: