Thursday, 17 March 2011


Hey all,
          i am soooooo bad at keeping things updated. Anywho things have been going great as always. She is on a more mixed meal plan now. Not just boring chicken all the time. We have a mix of chicken, lamb, and Ox tail RMB's throughout the week. Muscle meat wise we have a selection of chicken, beef mince, rabbit, tripe and heart. Although i have recently found out tongue can be classed as a muscle meat too, so i shall bear that in mind if i ever come across any.

         She is enjoying everything else much more now too, it almost like her taste buds are developing too :P she bounces around when i am preparing her meals now too. Only thing she is crafty with is her primrose oil tablets, she licks the damn things clean but wont eat them, so i have to force feed her them atm :(

        I think i might invest in a general supplement too, just to be safe in the knowing she is not missing any essential vitamins and minerals. I am also going to get hold of some garlic tablets, which will hopefully be a more natural way to repel fleas. I mean there is no point in giving her a more natural diet if i am going to pump her full of chemicals now is there?

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